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  1. gujarat6

    Bug High CPU and GPU usage

    Hello I encountered following issue with this amazing bot platofrm. Everything worked just fine for a bit, but after few days it changed. I don't know why and what is behind this, but Runemate is using half of my PC's resources! The strangest thing being almost 40% GPU usage at all times! I...
  2. O

    Resolved CPU Maxed out after Updated

    After doing this amazing new update for RuneMate the bots that I have been using are now maxing out my CPU where as before they were barely even using 12%. Is this a problem with just me or is it with the update? CPU screenshot: Imgur
  3. F

    window size

    Hello fellow runematers. I have a question (maybe it was already answered before by someone some time ago, couldn't find anything similar) : does running osrs clients in window mode a.k.a. not full size increase ban risk? I know, there is always a chance of getting banned, even when you are...
  4. Z

    Looking for new PC for OSRS botting

    Hi guys, im looking for new pc for OSRS botting. I would like to run about 20 bots at one time and im looking for this server pc Buy Products Online from China Wholesalers at Aliexpress.com it is about 300$. Is it good or bad? I think that this configuration is good for botting because cpu has...
  5. s cript

    Question Unusually high usage?

    Hey folks, Running 95-97% usage when using 2 bots on my pc. Specs attached. Is this to be expected? This is after cutting out many background processes and only running RS and RM.