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  1. T

    OSRS Selling $7.88 worth of credits

    I have $7.88 of left over credits i dont need anymore, will sell them all for 40m GP or Paypal $6 message me for dicsord!
  2. M

    Resolved No-ONE Can Purchase / Add any credits!!

    When will this issue be fixed? any update on the ongoing problem? Or as to when we will get a fix?
  3. A

    Store not working

    Any update on when we will be able to purchase credits? Been a few days now with no sign of change.
  4. I

    Just ordered some credits

  5. J

    OSRS $4.52 for sale, OS gold

    I have $4.52, bought $5 to try the CG bot (dont waste your time) I'll sell it for 15m osrs cash
  6. mikeyvee401

    OSRS Looking to buy credits

    Looking to get $10 of credits, dont bother if you arent credible, sorry.
  7. goddamnenvy


  8. the god hand

    Buying RM Cred for OSRS GP

    Just need 4-5m worth of RM credit. Message me, or leave a comment in the thread. Trusted, and vouched, check my profile! Thanks!
  9. S

    OSRS Syrupmaker's Shop ~ RuneMate Credits [Always Buying] & OSRS Gold!

    Hello there, I've made this thread primarily to find users that have RuneMate credits on their account, but have no intentions of using them and/or would like to get rid of them to someone who could use them! Occasionally I will buy OSRS Accounts with specific requirements/stats. [Currently...
  10. antigypoteam

    Resolved Purchased $10.69 USD wallet and got nothing?

    i purchased the $10.69 USD thing to get money in my wallet and didnt recieve it, dont know why help please, thanks :) ( was last week i bought it, as i work away im only about weekends lol.
  11. K

    RS3 Selling $4.00 RM Credits for RS3 GP

    Hi, i'm selling $4.00 rm credits for 28m in rs3
  12. L

    Selling 17.50 Runemate Credits for PAYPAL

    Negotiable. Add me on discord Positivity #5687
  13. O

    OSRS Buying RM CREDITS FOR OSGP 1$ for 1.4m gp

    haremsahibiozan#0475 pm me on discord
  14. zantaryan

    OSRS WTB Twitch Prime for Runemate Credits

    Just as title states :)
  15. zantaryan

    [WTS] Runemate Credits

    Selling runemate credits (RMC) for OSRS/RS3 GP. [OSRS] 1$ = 1.4m OSRS GP [RS3] 1$ = Equivalent worth of OSRS GP exchange through exchange sites Discord: Zantaryan#5600 Minimum buy: 2$ Bumpy :)
  16. bosstralian

    OSRS $$$ Buying All RuneMate Credits for OSRS GP $$$

    Buying all RuneMate credits. I purchase currently at 1.10M per 1 RMC. Happy to go first depending on Feedback/ Join date/ Amount sold. Available anytime or as soon as possible. Contact me via Runemate Inbox or Discord: Chelsea#9175.
  17. itom123


    What's up guys, Looking to purchase 7$ of credit for 5m. Leave a reply here or message me privately. Have a wonderful day.
  18. tycooley

    OSRS Fastest! Sell your OSRS GOLD for RM Credits HERE! !TRUSTED!

    STATUS ---- ONLINE Trading your OSRS gold in trade for "RUNEMATE CREDITS"! PM on here to get started or Discord --- Tycooley#7439 Purchase with 10M OSRS or more ---- : 1M = $0.75/RM 1M to 10M OSRS ---- : 1M = $0.65/RM less than 1M OSRS ---- : 250K = $0.10/RM Open rest of the evening! Bump
  19. K

    OSRS Buying $3.00 RuneMate Credit for 5m OSRS GP

    Title says it all,offering what seems like decently more for the credits because I am impatient and want the credits to finish up my mage training. Discord: Geth#7572 please message me on discord because i probably won't see your PM on runemate unless you're trying to verify me.
  20. V

    Question can i buy credits ? with oter methods

    can i buy credits with paysafecard or any other method because i dont have paypal