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  1. W

    Question How to check Essence Pouches

    Hello fellow programmers! I've been searching the forums for a way to check the degradation/contents of the various essence pouches for runecrafting but I've come up mostly empty handed. I found an older post saying that the varbits for essence pouches have been removed back in 2018 or...
  2. T

    OSRS Private Cooking Script For Raw Wild Pies

    Looking for a developer to make a private script for raw wild pies, looking for a unique script with an anti-ban system.
  3. D

    OSRS Private bot developer wanted for al-kharid tanning bot [Paying via. BTC or BT]

    Hi! If you're a developer/scripter then here's your chance to make some dough :) I'm looking for someone to code an al-kharid tanning bot for me, with a few added features such as: - After tanning 520 dragon leather, if my mule is standing at X coordinates, and the player name matches the 1...
  4. I

    OSRS Paying for Lava Rune Bot

    As the title says I'm looking to pay someone to develop an efficient Lava Rune bot that supports Lunars and CW bank. Not looking to keep this exclusive to me.
  5. A

    Question Trying to release first bot but says im Forbidden

    I did the SV thingy in Developer tab, enter username/pass but came up with Your forbidden message. any help would be appreciated.
  6. A


    Hello, My name I guess is Alakai, I'm a Full Stack Developer or at least that would be the best way to describe myself. I'm bored and have a lot of spare time so I figured I'd look into making some scripts for botting because I think it could be fun. I was wondering if there were any developers...
  7. M

    Question missing one or more of the classes that it needs to be loaded

    my bot is missing one or more of the classes that it needs to be loaded. What am I doing wrong?? Gyazo - 9cfbc876e848210e0fb35c366e95c510.png Any help would be appreciated
  8. american express

    OSRS About Private Bot Development

    Private bots, whether developed in response to a user request or otherwise are done so in agreement between the developer and purchaser (end user). RuneMate takes no responsibility for the outcome of the transaction. Users and developers enter in to agreement at their own risk. RuneMate, at...
  9. T