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  1. xp00nu

    Bug 15 Minute Timer bot stops

    Hi all, I have read all of these similar threads of the bot stopping after 15 minutes, ie; VPN, Firewall etc. I've turned VPN off, uninstalled java, runemate, restarted computer, I've put runemate into the firewall and my anti virus exception list, and I'm still having this problem, last...
  2. C

    Resolved Could not connect to the server

    The message "Could not connect to the server. Please check your firewall settings" appears when i try to login, but my firewall and antivirus is disabled. Can anybody please help me?
  3. E

    Bug Can't load RuneMate, firewall

    Hey, "there was an error loading the game configuration from the website. If you have a firewall, check that this program is allowed to access the Internet" This message pops up whenever I try to load the RS client via the bot. This isn't the case via my normal rs client. This also pops up if...
  4. O

    Resolved Firewall Error when opening up Runemate from inside IntelliJ

    Pretty much title, I am unable to login to Runemate when I to run it from inside IntelliJ Idea. I'm learning to create bots and this is kind of frustrating, since I am unable to test anything out. All help is appreciated. Important to note, that I can run runemate, and login in to my account...
  5. X

    Bug Bypass Proxie screen/ Login Problem for those who do not want to tamper with their firewall.

    Hey there so I have recently ran into an issue running RM. Here is my problem and here is my fix. Hope it helps some of you. If this is what you get when you run RM as an admin. Continue on to the next Screenshot after reading the red print. Hope this helps =D enjoy.