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  1. O

    Bug 2 Step Verification is Broken AF, I can't login

    I've been trying to log in to runemate on one of my pc and it prompts me for the two-step verification code sent to my email. I check the email open the email sent ~1 minute ago from Runemate, I enter in the code perfectly. Then it says my two-step verification cannot be confirmed. I've done...
  2. D

    Bug incorrect password

    Im putting in the correct username and password, but it keeps prompting that its the wrong one. I reset my password, typed that in and it still says incorrect password. how do i get around this?
  3. B

    Resolved MaxiWoodcutter lite logs me out when activating bot?

    I used to use this mod a while back and it worked perfectly but now when I use it, it doesn't work? When I start the instance it just logs my character out of old school runescape and when I log back in, the bot doesn't work? Tried a different mod called Regal Woodcutter and it works fine? I'd...
  4. glitch_

    Hey everyone!

    I'm just another every day tech type of guy. I primarily work with C#/.NET (for my job) & PHP. I've been developing websites since I was 10-12 (so almost a decade), was a developer of RSBot scripts back in the day before RuneScape went to hell, and now I'm getting back into OSRS, so I'm excited...
  5. 4

    i bought hours but i cant use them

    I used my 200 hours and an hour ago I purchased supporter for 3$ so I should have an extra 100 hours to use but it says I used 200/200 what gives???
  6. lbirdcali

    Bug Runemate 2.0 - Memory Leak

    Hello, I'm aware other members have created threads similar to mine, but I could not find any answers. I run RuneMate 2.0 Spectre on two computers daily. After 4 hours on running, the client becomes progressively slow, and around 8+ hours RuneMate is either almost unresponsive or stops running...
  7. lbirdcali

    Resolved Instance failed to start: Limit of 2 bot instances reached.

    I use two instances of Runemate. I only have two RS accounts so I cannot even attempt to use three clients. My internet disconnected and ever since I get the error "Instance failed to start for the following reason: Looks like you've reached your limit of 2 bot instances. Please consider...