Resolved Instance failed to start: Limit of 2 bot instances reached.

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by LBirdCali, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. I use two instances of Runemate. I only have two RS accounts so I cannot even attempt to use three clients.

    My internet disconnected and ever since I get the error "Instance failed to start for the following reason: Looks like you've reached your limit of 2 bot instances. Please consider upgrading......"

    I only have one bot open, all other computers turned off. Why am a I getting this error when I have zero instances open?

    Is there anyway this glitch can be removed? Would love to continue using Runemate Spectre 2.0

    Thanks in advance.

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    Post #5 by kazemanie, Aug 24, 2016
  3. You have to wait until the instance that did not close properly expires, around 30 minutes.
    Do not start anything in the process, just chill :)
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  4. Cool, I appreciate your swift response.

    Will do. :)
  5. For a second there I thought you were the original poster
  6. If only people read the sticky thread instead of making threads :rolleyes:

    Tutorial - Runemate Spectre – Common Issues & Troubleshooting

    Runemate says you have reached your instance limit & you can't load another instance:
    If the client is force-closed (or crashes), it can take the RuneMate servers up to 30 minutes to identify that the session has ended. Please wait up to 30 minutes and try again. If you still cannot run another instance, let us know. Supporters can run more instances than free users, see: Upgrade | RuneMate

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