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  1. H

    Resolved Slowing down right click interact

    Hi, Is it possible to slow down the interact-methode for a right mouseclick option on an item? Right now, it clicks almost instantly on the requested option in the menu after the right mouseclick, behaving very botlike. I'm trying to teleport with tokkul-zo to the fight cave...
  2. R

    Question Best way to share variables among tasks (TaskBot)?

    What would be the best way to share variables among tasks using TaskBot? For example when interacting with an npc or object, I'd like to turn "moving the camera" and "walking" into separate tasks, so the target entity has to be shared among these tasks. Is there a proper way to do this or...
  3. C

    Question NPC chat interaction

    I've had a look around and I can't find anything to help with talking to npcs, such as quest givers. Are there any basic examples of going through an npc chat dialog? Preferably using a treebot.
  4. silencep44

    Resolved Failed interaction with Interactble behind mini map

    Bug & Question: I use a lot of code that looks somewhat like this: if (!BankChest.isVisible()) { Camera.turnTo(BankChest); Execution.delayUntil(BankChest::isVisible, 100, 5000); } This works great most of the time but I have run into a problem: When not playing on fixed modus the bot...
  5. silencep44

    Bug Failing Interactions

    Whenever I try to interact with a spriteitem, Interface (ex. Pressing 'Take' in blast furnace dispenser, Withdrawing anything from the bank, Equiping Items, ...) It fails +- 50 % of the time. The mouse just hovers over or right clicks the item and then just stops half way. First I thought that...
  6. youramazingames

    Resource NPC Interact Script for easy use

    Hello, So while i was making my new Questing bot i realized i needed an easy way to interact/talk with NPCs and navigate the menu and select the correct responses to forward the quest. So i created this class to do just that. It is very easy to use and has not failed me yet. (If there are bugs...
  7. swych

    Implemented Add #interact method to ActionBar.Slot

    Add the interact method onto the ActionBar.Slot function. Similar to having it on GameObjects, Npcs and many others. Using the actionbar could help increase the number of items dropped as it would more than likely have a lower chance for failure. Picture: Example: granite =...
  8. C

    Question Is Interact() supposed to consistently misclick?

    Hello, I was just wondering if Interact(String, String) is supposed to fail about 40% of the time? When I say fail, I mean either misclicking the menu entirely, thus running somewhere, or clicking the wrong interaction. If this is normal behavior, is there a way to modify the fail rate? The...