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  1. the_crumb

    Question Mouse Overlay

    I see that on some of @tyb51's scripts that there are mouse overlays. The only posts that I can find are old and say that it can't be implemented. Assuming that information is outdated, is there a publicized way to show the mouse's position for debugging purposes? I've noticed that when my...
  2. stuchainz

    Bug Mouse always moves to wrong spot

    I have been unable to use Runemate since I reinstalled it after a long break last week. Bots are able to click on the minimap to go to a bank, but when they try to bank the mouse goes to the wrong spot on the screen. As you can't see mouse pointers, I decided to unblock my mouse and click/hold...
  3. J

    Question Mouse movements/Clouse

    Can someone explain exactly how clouse works? Do I need to simply have runemate open in the background while playing for it to copy my mouse movements? Is it implemented into each bot, and used for specific repetitive tasks? If Clouse works like I understand, then how do bans even exist anymore?
  4. N

    Bug Runemate Uses Real Mouse

    Hey guys this is my first post here but I've noticed something RuneMate does that other bots don't. If I'm using a different application while running runemate, my live program switches to runemate. I'm not sure how to explain it in technical terms but if I'm playing a full screen game like CSGO...
  5. xadenator

    Resolved IP Questions

    Hello, I am a total noob when it comes to Botting and IP Addresses, First of all, what IP does RuneMate run on? Does it run on my Home IP? Does it run on a specific IP? If it runs on a specific IP, can I use my Home IP and put it on the Proxy settings? Or do I have to buy a VPN and use that on...