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  1. gold farming inc

    Bug Problem with WordHop

    Hello, Some months ago, I wrote a private bot. It starts at a store, buys some stack-able item, switches worlds, and repeats until it is out of money. I recently go back into experimenting with it, and the WorldHop feature isn't working the same. It didn't behave like this before. Note...
  2. fisher420

    Intro with a question about upgrading :)

    Hi, I used to bot in maplestory and so far I find botting in runescape enjoyable too. I'll be looking at guides on here but if you have any money making pro tips then feel free to drop them down below. side note: question was already solved disregard title
  3. A


    Hello, My name I guess is Alakai, I'm a Full Stack Developer or at least that would be the best way to describe myself. I'm bored and have a lot of spare time so I figured I'd look into making some scripts for botting because I think it could be fun. I was wondering if there were any developers...
  4. chris121

    Resolved Changed username but SVN repository can't be accessed

    My userame was changed from RobotPleaseWork to chris121, but the SVN repository/project hasn't been updated. Can't login using old credentials or new ones. Please could you generate me a correct SVN project to push bot code to?
  5. R

    Resolved User account credential logs

    This is a shot in the dark but I created a new OSRS account, ran it through tutorial island, and botted chickens for about an hour Sunday night. After one of RuneMate's last updates (I believe the OSX patch), the "accounts" section was cleared and it would appear I have forgotten the email I...