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  1. cakefan

    Resource RuneMate Discord notifications

    Here's how to get RuneMate's push notifications on your Discord server. Install Git for Windows and Node.js LTS. Register on Pushbullet and add RuneMate to your Pushbullet account. Go to your Pushbullet account settings and click Create Access Token. Copy it and keep it safe. On Discord...
  2. greekboy229

    Suggestion The botting Community

    Im not sure why but i really enjoy this forum and i deadass visit the forums here so often just waiting for new forums posts and new bots; So I had some ideas. In the RuneMate client(not OSRS), add something that broadcasts when a user started/ends any script and shows how long they ran it...
  3. E

    OSRS Scripts with notifications (Celestial,Quality Miner)

    Hello, After being a couple days on this forum I found out that most if not all Celestial bots will notify you if somone typed for example. I found out that Quality Miner has some notifications features as well. What are other know scripts that have notify features?? Thanks for your help