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  1. F

    Hexis Agility Progress

    I've been running the Hexis Agility bot for almost 10 hrs and so far so good. The account is 8 days old and been botting on it for the past 7 days :)
  2. sirbottery

    Ironman HCIM can we break 2k total by botting?

    Getting back into OSRS after botting a fully maxed RS3 account in just under 6 months of in-game time. Now I've decided to just see how far I can bot a HCIM as another "alt" account which I already have two alts usually afk doing gargs/abby demons anyway. Will probably update on either weekly...
  3. yesstress

    OSRS Botting Progress

    Hello everyone, I'm YesStress! I've been bottin with RuneMate for about 10 days now on my main account (low stats because my old accounts were banned in 2016 and I left the game because of it) and I wanted to create this thread to show/document my progress to you guys. I will update my progress...
  4. skyguy

    Ironman SkyGuy's OSRS HCIM Progression

    Progress threads are fun. Ironman is fun. Have a picture. Come back for more pictures later.
  5. N

    Botting Progress WC Skiller OSRS

    2-5 hours 2-5 days, 6 hours 1 day, 10 hours 1 day, shuffle this pattern did 1 quest per week(non combat quest) 3rd Week leveled up range to 40, and magic to 20 (about 25 combat) achieved 50 mining(Awesome Dog mining) 32 Smithing (Prime Smithing) 70 wood cutting)Sudo/Maxi Woodcutting) Flip...
  6. dryrr

    RS3 Back at it again, Suicide Sandy

    Yo :D , Back in the days i suicided an account with runemate @ rs3. got to like 18 99's (did 99 farming myself) and got banned because of being stupid.. i used a bot with too many flaws... so yea.. Now i have learned from that experience and am back at it again, Suicide botting @ rs3...
  7. metacheater

    OSRS Combat and Skiller progression May 26

    So because I'm really happy with Runemate the last couple months I decided to show everyone how well it works. Both accounts were made on April 1st, both with different goals in mind. If I keep this up i'll make my combat one member and get that $$$. Hope this shows a bit what Runemate can do...
  8. pierce mfg

    Bank Sorter / GE Flipper

    Hello I am going to be working on 4 bots in near future. But I wanted everyone's advice. Bank Sorter: Free Version Plans: I am planning on adding a simple system that can sort free to play items. There will be a GUI that will tell the bot how to organize your items. (Food, Quests, Tools, and...
  9. doppelganger

    UltraDungeon ~ development thread

    THE BOT IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR TESTING (ALPHA VERSION) ON THE SDN! Some of you may remember me from various other sites (rsbot, rsbuddy) under the nickname 'Alla'. I've been absent from the whole botting scene lately as I've been busy with a hectic university life. However, now I'm back and...