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  1. michael5555

    Pyramid Plunder 1.6.81

    Requirements Ensure you have started the minigame at least once 21 thieving minimum Sophanem Banking: Start within the city or the banking area Wield or have the sceptre in your inventory if you would like to use it for quicker trips. It should run autonomously with or without the sceptre...
  2. alex096

    OSRS Agility Pyramid bot?

    Are there any good agility pyramid bots out there ? i can see theres one from hexis out now atm, but its really buggy and its free. id pay good for a full functioning pyramid bot :)
  3. P

    OSRS Agility pyramid?

    any chance we could get an agility pyramid bot, would pay for it :) or even if one of the existing agility script writers see this and want to add it in? would be awesome
  4. S

    OSRS Agility pyramid bot??

    very simple agility pyramid bot would be great. is this not possible? please anyone?