Pyramid Plunder 1.3.0

Plunders Pyramids

  1. michael5555
    • Ensure you have started the minigame at least once
    • 21 thieving minimum
    Sophanem Banking:
    • Start within the city or the banking area
    • Wield or have the sceptre in your inventory if you would like to use it for quicker trips. It should run autonomously with or without the sceptre.
    • Make sure your account has completed Contact! quest
    Castle Wars Banking:
    • Start within castle wars
    • Requires ring of duelings
    • Requires a CHARGED sceptre
    • Requires a payment to charge the sceptre (12 stone artefacts)
    • The bot will not teleport to the mummy if it doesn't have the required amount of artefacts to recharge it

Recent Updates

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  3. Pyramid Plunder v1.2.8 Released!

Recent Reviews

  1. kontkever
    Version: 1.2.7
    Great bot. Have 30+ running hours on it so far and 0 problems and/or suggestions.

    Edit: found an issue causing bot to get stuck. Very rarely, character will be standing at right side of spear trap and bot will click left side causing bot to fail the trap over and over. Will be stuck until all food is gone and bot returns to bank. Only happened once.
    1. michael5555
      Author's Response
      I think I understand what you're saying. Do you happen to know what floor level this was? My logic currently checks for the nearest spear trap, which should be the one the player is standing next to, not the other side