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  1. michael5555

    Varrock Museum Cleaner 1.0.61

    What the hell is this bot? Watch this Requirements Digsite quest Patience. This a 2.5k xp/h method Setup Free up your invent and glove+boots slot Start the bot inside the cleaning area Fill in the display case 22, 36, 37, 44, 45 and hand in the clean necklace before you stop babysitting...
  2. garyghaul

    Grace of the elves support

    Same as the automatic unwanted item detection, runemate should add a seren spirit detector to automatically click on them. it would not only be good for drops, but it would add a human characteristic to want to collect them. plus all the drops go to your bank anyways. Just a thought. Feedback...
  3. elvenred

    OSRS Varrock Musem Cleaning Specimen

    It would benefit both skillers and other 10 HP pures primarily in gaining slayer levels. Requiring the completion of digsite, it will clean rocks in the Varrock museum and attempt to collect antique lamps. Because this focuses on a distinct crowd which highly desires a script to perform this...
  4. dancer

    OSRS No Lunars ZMI 17k+/hr

    Game Mode: OSRS Link to wiki: Ourania Altar Summary: Start at ZMI Banker, runs to ZMI Altar using the dangerous path, crafts runes and runs back to banker. Eats food when needed. Required stats: None Required quests: Rune Mysteries Required items: Stamina Potions, Pure Essence, "runes" for...
  5. metacheater

    OSRS Combat and Skiller progression May 26

    So because I'm really happy with Runemate the last couple months I decided to show everyone how well it works. Both accounts were made on April 1st, both with different goals in mind. If I keep this up i'll make my combat one member and get that $$$. Hope this shows a bit what Runemate can do...