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  1. B

    Bug Game breaking fps while running bots

    As title says, frames are terrible while running runemate bots. Started being slow about a week or 2 ago. tried reinstalling runemate and runescape clients. Didn't fix. Fixed..not sure how to delete this post. Just updated my PC and now working as normal.
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    Resolved Runemate keeps being suuuuper slow

    Hello People, I have a problem for quite some time. First I was always be able to run runemate perfectly, even sometimes on two accounts simultaneously. However I am having already for one month a severe problem. Always when I bind a certain bot to the client (it doesn't matter which bot), the...
  3. Y

    Super slow hunter bots

    Hi there fellow bots I just came back after taking a break for a year. Wanted to go and bot me some chins to make some money. But they are SOOOOOOO slow? Is there a way I can fix this? I tried the following bots; Regal Hunter Prime hunter Math hunteris ApexHunter (beta) and they were all...
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    OSRS Bots are slow

    Hi lovely people! So I didn't bot for the past 3 days and then I just tried to start a bot, but all scripts I try are unbearable slow. So slow bots don't work. Tried reinstalling RM, but still doesn't work. Also tried to run runemate with more ram, but still no result. I think this is a RM...
  5. D

    Question Is RS3 still bottable?

    I've been botting for a half a year on RS3 but now when ever I open up runemate and run rs3 client it takes forever to load, when it finally loads it's real slow. It will let me log in but when it loads the game it acts real slow and sometimes just crashes. It's not my computer i don't think...
  6. I

    Resolved What to do for a slow computer?

    Hey guys! Im currently using a 2010 macbook pro, all stock, so 250 gig storage, 4 gigs memory, crappy graphics card. My runemate runs painfully slow and laggy on this laptop (no surprise really), it also gets SUPER hot, as soon as i start the program, it jumps 40 degrees higher than normal, and...