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  1. swych

    Hexis Chop 'n' Burn 4.1.0

    Hexis Chop 'n' Burn Chops Trees for their logs then burns them. LOTS of locations and HIGHLY customisable. Configure the tree, the location, and the tile to start burning your logs from. Intelligently recovers from people trying to crash your burning lane.
  2. compkiller12

    OSRS Farm Run Bot

    Game Mode: OSRS Summary: Start out in any bank and be able to teleport and run to the selected allotments with the specific seeds (selected in user interface), and have the choice to compost, plant seeds, plant trees, harvest etc. (note harvested items). Once completed with all stops that were...
  3. aidden

    MaxiWoodcutter 2.23.38

    MaxiBots Discord Server - Join the MaxiBots Discord Server! Features Banking at any bank Power chopping (Dropping the logs after a full inventory has been chopped) Fast dropping Fast tree switching Can walk to the tree or bank location from just about anywhere thanks to the RuneMate web Custom...
  4. S

    Resolved Old School Wc bot is no good?

    My bot simply struggles to navigate to trees, and back to the bank. Even something as simple as woodcutting willows in Draynor, it gets stuck on the west wall on seemingly nothing..Refuses to move until I click, then it banks and goes back to cutting only to get stuck again..Awful navigation...