MaxiWoodcutter 2.19.11

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

  1. Aidden


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    • Banking at any bank
    • Power chopping (Dropping the logs after a full inventory has been chopped)
    • Fast dropping
    • Fast tree switching
    • Can walk to the tree or bank location from just about anywhere thanks to the RuneMate web
    • Activity system, more commonly known as a task system. Now you can set the bot to do different things after a certain goal has been met
    • Four goal types: Chopped amount, Woodcutting level reached, Chop for a certain amount of time or you can set it to not have a goal (Stay on that activity until you stop the bot).
    • Profile saving so you can store different activity lists and don’t have to set everything up each time you run the bot!
    • Custom tree areas (Add/Remove/Modify the tree locations)
    • Skill Tracker
    • Break handler
    • Item and profit tracker
    • On the fly settings changes
    • Automatically take screenshots of the game and info UI at a specified frequency
    • Item drop patterns (OSRS and RS3 Legacy)
      • Left to right
      • Top to bottom
      • Random
    • Pick up Bird nest/Clue nest
    • Drops logs when there are no trees to cut (When drop is selected)
    • Fletch logs into Arrow shafts

    Features (OSRS)
    • Checks the bank for an axe if you don’t currently have one
    • Upgrades to better axes in your bank as you level up
    • Equips the axe if you have the attack level requirement
    • Option to not equip the axe (Useful when wielding a greegree)
    • Skiller safe - Won't bank or drop the axe
    • Shift dropping - Including enabling shift drop if it's not turned on
    • Dragon/Crystal axe special attack
    Features (RS3)
    • Woodcutting urns
    • Crystallise
    • Light form
    • Actionbar dropping - Including adding the items to the actionbar!
    • Inventory dropping if legacy is enabled
    • Destroys special logs when dropping
    • Seren spirit - Requires 'Grace of the elves' to be equipped
    Pre-defined locations


    • Arceuus House (Magic tree)
    • Castle Wars (Oak, Teak)
    • Catherby (Yew)
    • Corsair Cove (Maple tree, Yew)
    • Draynor (Willow, Oak)
    • Edgeville (Willow, Yew)
    • Falador (Oak, Yew)
    • Fossil Island (Player grown Teak and Mahogany trees)
    • Grand Exchange (Yew)
    • Hosidius Kitchen (Oak)
    • Port Sarim (Oak, Willow - North, Willow - Prison, Yew)
    • Prifddinas (Mahogany, Teak, Yew)
    • Rimmington (Willow - South, Willow - South East)
    • Seers Village (Magic tree - North, Magic tree - South, Maple tree, Yew)
    • Varrock East (Oak)
    • Varrock West (Tree, Oak)
    • Woodcutting Guild (Magic tree, Maple, Yew, Redwoods)
    • Castle Wars (Ivy, Teak)
    • Catherby (Willow, Yew)
    • Draynor (Willow, Oak)
    • Draynor Jail (Oaks above the jail)
    • Edgeville (Yew, Willow)
    • Falador (Yew)
    • Grand Exchange (Yew, Ivy)
    • Menaphos - Imperial (Acadia - North, Acadia - South)
    • Menaphos - Imperial VIP (Acadia)
    • Seers Village (Magic tree - North, Magic tree - South, Maple tree, Yew)
    • Varrock East (Oak)
    • Varrock West (Tree, Oak)

    Bug report template


    If you do not try to follow this format, your bug might not get fixed. This format helps me solve the problem efficiently and reduces the need to constantly ask you for more information.

    • Status at the time of the incident (Can also be found in your error logs if the bot crashes)
    • Selected area and tree of the current activity. If using a custom area or tree location please post the coordinates used as well
    • Disposal method of the current activity
    • Selected bank if banking
    • RS3 (EoC or Legacy) or OSRS
    • Details of what happened
    • Attach/Upload the log file for the session
    • Attach/Upload screenshots of the game at the time of the issue
    • Any other info to help me reproduce the issue.

    Setup is fairly straight forward. When you run the bot for the first time a default profile will be generated for you which has one activity in it. The activities are listed in a table and all of the settings for each activity can be changed in that activities table row.

    Simply select the area, tree type, disposal method (Bank or drop), the bank you want to use if banking and the goal type.
    Selecting amount will cause the bot to move to the next task once the specified amount of logs has been chopped. Selecting level will cause the bot to move to the next task once the specified woodcutting level has been reached. Selecting time will cause the bot to move to the next task once the specified time in hours, minutes and seconds has passed. Selecting none will cause the bot to continue doing the activity until you stop the bot manually.
    If there isn’t another activity to move onto after a goal has been completed the bot will log you out and then stop.

    Make sure to hit the save profile button to store your settings so they’re loaded for you on future runs.

Recent Reviews

  1. moehog0
    Version: 2.19.11
    Works very well, only thing id like to see fixed is the activity tracking. Seems to not track the amount of logs chopped. I have it set to cut 10000 oak logs but it stays a 0/10000 even after i have completed the goal. 5 stars when this is fixed!
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Hey mate, if you open the item tracker does it have 2 entries for the oak logs, one with 0 logs and one with all the ones you've chopped? Please reply on the discussion thread
  2. brfcjoel
    Version: 2.19.11
    flawless, got pet and 99 wc :) top marks author
  3. IronmanH
    Version: 2.19.11
    Great bot but keeps getting stuck at fossil island on the shortcut to the bank and keeps clicking it, other than that I cant fault it
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Sorry about that! Unfortunately it's a bug within runemates pathing system. I've tried my best to create work around but apparently it's not working anymore. I'll have to take a look and make sure i haven't accidentally changed something but i'm not sure if i ended up getting access to the island on my account or not.
  4. PwnedQc
    Version: 2.19.10
  5. Royalhighness
    Version: 2.19.9
    Excellent bot 10/10 I would recommend to only use this bot..
  6. dovetails
    Version: 2.19.9
    Great bot, really efficient... but I do wish that this bot had the ability to *not* use the dragon axe special. At the wc guild, it just looks so obvious because of how often it uses the special, with nobody else around using it. Makes you stick out too much, especially when the bot doesn't dismiss randoms.
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks for the feedback. I've just added a setting to turn off using the special :)
  7. changpoo
    Version: 2.19.9
    I've only ran it 5-6 hours at a time but it has been great and have had little to no problems with it.
  8. yaknowmyname
    Version: 2.19.9
    Very good bot, but can you add the teak trees at Tai Bow Village inside the hardwood grove?
  9. Boo_
    Version: 2.19.8
    Great bot, only issue I have had so far bot seems to get stuck when it accidently clicks a deposit box. I have gone from 1-76 wc no issues running it everyday for 4-5 hours at a time. Thank you for the gr8 script.
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      That should already be handled, I'll double check. Thanks for the feedback :)
  10. FlabbyMan
    Version: 2.19.8
    Queued Woodcutting with MaxiWoodcutter up to 85 Woodcutting, and fletched them all with one click MaxiFletcher. No issues A+ Thanks mate