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  1. Changelog
    • Text output is now logged to both the console and "logs/yyyy-mm-dd hh mm ss.log".
    • Fixed a potential NullPointer in Euclidean.distanceSquared(Locatable,Locatable) when the entity doesn't have a valid position.
    • Fixed an issue with the state-machine not triggering onPause events and not properly changing the client state when a script bot unexpectedly terminates.
    • Manifest.compatibility() now accepts an array of elements.
    • scripts bots will now automatically refresh when the setup dialog is opened.
    • GameObjects are now associated with their actual plane, instead of the current plane.
    • Only script bot's compatible with the current GameType (e.g. OSRS, RS3) will be shown in the setup dialog.
    • Fixed WidgetComponent.getActions()
    • Removed WidgetComponent.getTooltip()
    • Improved the way details are displayed in the developer toolkit.
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    • Fixed transparency so it no longer affects the game canvas.
    • Fixed taskbar icon stretching for some LoginDialog.
    • New custom font for all text in UI; cross-OS compatibility.
    • Numerous minor UI tweaks.
    • Temporarily removed MainWindow transparency, due to game canvas flicker.
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  2. Known bugs:
    • LoginDialog error message gets cut off due to new font. (Already fixed. Awaiting 1.1.3 release.)
    • Tooltip for close button on LoginDialog is an ugly yellow. (Already fixed. Awaiting 1.1.3 release.)
  3. Thanks for the fast updates :) I hope to use this client myself when there is more scripts bots!

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