RS3 10 year veteran account, Decent stats. Quite some Holiday items

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Dryrr, Apr 16, 2015.

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  1. Hey,

    Hereby i sell my 10 year veteran account.
    I want Paypal or RS3GP for it.





    Skype: Pascal-Herz
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  2. booty
    not worth selling
    offer: $2.00 USD PP

    Accounts without 99s are worthless
  3. already had 5-10$ offers tho.. sorry forgot to mention in my topic
  4. Can I see quests and stuff man? Feel free to PM me if you aren't comfortable posting publicly. I'm quite interested actually.
  5. forgot about the quests, ill update the main post in like 2-3 mins :p hang on
  6. I'll put an offer in there for $5. Keep me posted on how it goes please and best of luck!
  7. Thanks for the offer, i think i'm looking more around $15,- dunno if im asking too much but i feel like it kind of fair to ask this amount :p. im quite patient if it comes to selling accounts so yea..
  8. $15
    ~Do you accept RuneMate money?
  9. i'd rather have paypal, i would accept 15$ paypal
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  10. Closed because the account has been sold.
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