RS3 2 Accounts Under Same IP?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by Lyrcon, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me if i can BOT OsRs and play RS3 myself under the same IP?
    Or is this not smart to do ? can anyone give me some information about this :D ?
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    Never mind. Found my answer already sorry for making a thread :( !
  2. On rs3 they dont really Ip ban, bot watch will only target that account not the IP unlike OSRS, Before RM was partially detected I use to run 4 on the same ip no issues
  3. I always play 2 active bots on the same IP, no bans, has never been.
  4. I am done with RS3 for now.
    I am botting OSRS at the moment, so it should be no problem to run 2 bots under 1 IP ? :p
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    Thanks, is this for OSRS or RS3 ?
    I will open 2 bots and just see how it goes :)
  5. Only on osrs have I gotten ip banned, so yes both may get banned around the same time

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