Resolved 2 day ban! please help still not safe.

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  1. I am an active darkscape botter, I was using alpha agility at the time it was running fine ilook away and imlogged out with a 2 day ban
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    it was abot busting ban is that helps at all.
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  3. a 2 day ban is usually a manual ban.
    You most likely been reported or spotted by bot hunters or jmods.
  4. interesting ty I was at barb agility course
  5. Same here its what they do on DarkScape, not many players so short bans, I had 2 accounts locked then 48 hour banned this morning. both different locations, doubt it was by a mod idk.
  6. Same. Logged in at the agility rooftop course with RuneMate, disconnected before I could even click anywhere.

  7. That is a manual ban means a mod caught you botting and they usually give you delayed on login ban. don't spread misinformation
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  8. thats the same ban as me wierd we both used agility too but i find it odd cause my account got locked last night too then today bamn 2day ban
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  9. Pretty sure this is DarkScape specific?
  10. whats darkscape specific the agilitY focus bans?
  11. ??

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