2 more for max! ye boiiii

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Timepiece, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. 2 more to regain my max cape! script bot is boss, big up @Defeat3d
    Probably gonna legit the last level, i'll get too tempted to suicide and get banned lol.

  2. Wow awesome exp per hour, keep it going and dont suicide bro :p
  3. Botted like 6 hours from like 1am this morning, started it up again a minute go, gonna bot 5 hours then wont bot ever again unless on a different account :p

    Also for that exp p/h God bless bonus exp, but also fuck treasure keys ;)

    Edit : also babysitting currently, and chatting to other players.
  4. Please dont get banned bro :# did you bot all these stats with powerbot or something?
  5. Nope, botted this account heavily back when there was literally no bans, like 4 years ago lol. Haven't botted since.

    Will never ever use Powershit!
  6. :O Nice
  7. Only downside to maxing, means i actually have to put some work in for dung, and then comping.. Rs3 is so fun.

    EDIT : inb4 Leech to 120 ;)
  8. Sweeeeeet!

    Show us that sexy account when you got that max cape back ;)
  9. Only if you're lucky m8 only sexy people get to see my sexy account hey.
  10. I am what they call 'sexy'.
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  11. Dang, congrats.
  12. Cheers bro! About time i maxed again eh.
  13. Nice! Good to see my script bot is doing well for you. :p
  14. So what happend in the end? Haha...

  15. Dungeoneering is by far the most fun skill on rs3 in my opinion, I just regret heavily losing my maxed account.

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