Dark 20-75$ Buying fire rune bot. ( private or not)

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  1. Buying a darkscape bot, this bot needs to include pouches and lunar spell that fixes pouches.. It will ONLY be crafting fire runes and it needs to be quick. the bot can fix the pouches individually if needed or when their all worn out. the rune required to fix the pouches will already be preset in the ivetory. the invetory will include the following...

    all pouches except massive, and the runes required the cast the fix pouches spell.

    The rest of everything is rune essence since their will be a tiara on it. please let me know willing to pay asap after i test run the script bot for 2 hours. depending ont he quality and runs per hour ill probably give a good 45 bucks or more if its better then im expecting. This is not a scam its legit and im all for it. i need the money and this is eprfect to be botting so gimme a message on here or skype me, my name on skype is Gage McCurley. E-mail is [email protected]. i am the ginger wearing all black and black hat. and if this script bot is made within 50 hours of this post ill reward an additional 30 bucks to the person. Thanks you for your time. and a even betetr way to notify me is by this e mail but not on skype = [email protected]
  2. What about things like eating or running away from players? Because you will lose your pouches on death or nah?
  3. I wont need to run or anything. ill be monitoring the bot for every 5 hours. considering i only work for 5 hours a day. if someone were to add a hop world then that would be nice. i mean at the rate im buying for ide hope some bonuses would be added. if not im all good. if they can add a part where he eats then nice. if theirs a spell in the lunar book that heals then good ill carry the runes. as long as im making about 60-65 trips an hour with this script bot ill be pleased beyond.
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    can buy right when script bot is done and tested. fyi

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