48 Hour ban question

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  1. so hey guys i got banned for 48 hours on the 23 of december so i know i cant use the ge for 1 week and the orher stuff like wildy and so on now is there a timer/ counter or anything that i can see when i can use the ge again
  2. Talk to Hans in Lumbridge and calculate how much in-game time has past since your ban
  3. wher is hans in lumbridge ? and is it a week ingame time because on my 2 bot acount i just waitet a week and it was gone
  4. He walks in circles around lumby castle.
  5. yeah but hes not realy saying the time i was online
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    hes named audero
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    hand hes only sayig me i need to wait over a year for the cape lol
  6. Man, just check your offence history. You'll know when you got banned and when you'll be able to use GE again.
  7. its a week ingame time. also, hans is on OSRS. you can check with him there.
  8. a week ingame time on my bot acount i didnt even playd a week runescape so now i need to play 1 week ingame tme ?
  9. yes. the message clearly states you need to be logged IN to the game for one week.
  10. but can you tell me why on my bot acount i dindt need to play 1 week ingame time lol ?
    i just waited 1 week and could use the ge again
  11. nope sure cant, I'm not a Jagex employee. probably your bot account wasnt as much of an eco risk as the other one.
  12. i didnt even bot on the main account
  13. then wtf are you talking about? lmao when you log in, it tells you the restrictions placed upon your account.
  14. because i botet on my bot acount and they band it loke 2 weeks ago and on the 23 of december they banned my main account thats legit plays and now its fucking me up becaus e cant acces the ge ecause of nothing
  15. ok so heres what you do. Log in, read the splash screen that pops up and it will tell you everything you've been trying to ask all along in this thread.
  16. what i wanted to ask is where can i watch to se wen this restriction gos off
    so the splash screen doesnt tell this to me
  17. when you log in and dont see the splash screen saying final warning, the restrictions have been removed ^
  18. nope because on my bot account the splash pops up and i can trade and use the ge go an kill green dragons in the wildy
    its rly creepy
  19. idk then i guess on your main go to ge and try to use it lol
  20. it says i cant use it becaus i have used a bot

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