RS3 48 hr ban, what happens to my membership?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by Crypto, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. i got a 48 hr ban but im a member, what happens after the ban is lifted, is my membership taken away?
  2. No, but it will keep ticking down as normal. 12 -> 10 days after the ban is lifted for example.

    Next ban will be permanent so be careful.
  3. yeah 3 of mine were 48'd, darn
  4. Just got banned too.
    Up to the next account :)
  5. i got banned on official rs client
  6. Your membership is not taken away, but you'd want to stay low till Spectre.
  7. depends on what your account was made for. if it is your main better stop using bots at all :D but if goldfarming there is no step back just do till perm
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  8. 3 of my accounts got banned. 1 perm, and 2 banned 10 seconds after logging into legit rs client. Those 2 got 48 hr
  9. Damn, is there any way to predict these things? Or it just happens
  10. Jagex will send you an email 2 days before the ban, that might help you.
  11. Lol that's cute
  12. Sounds like a phish
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  13. Obvious troll is not obvious.
  14. :D
  15. When does Spectre release?
  16. Will your main be banned if you trade money to them from the gold mule?
  17. I did this before on RS3 and never got any problems with it.
    This was some months ago btw.

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