RS3 7 days of using Runemate (Stats pic)

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Jesse, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    Started from scratch lvl 1 f2p. Now have those stats +15m
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  2. Sweet gains!
  3. Nice stuff ! Carry on !
  4. Wow! Awesome. Another proggy next week? :D
  5. Keep us up to date mate! going strong, nice work!
  6. That's awesome. I wouldn't be able to pull off the same feat.
    But blotting out the Dungeoneering level wasn't that effective. Since that's the only skill you blotted out, we could calculate the level by subtracting all the other levels combined from 1024, your total level.

    All the other skills added together makes for 1023. Nice Dungeoneering level of 1. You've obviously worked very hard on it. :D
  7. Great job, bud. I'd try going for 99 Divination if I were you. :p
  8. It's a long grind if you don't have access to the other spots. I got stuck on the 80 spot on a level 3 account that I just gave up on because the rates were awful.
  9. Great job! Do a 1 month picture next time.

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