OSRS A blue-print to botting?

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    Yo doods man. When my main got shitted on with a 2day ban, I done almost cried myself to sleep twice that night.

    And so my days of becoming a player moderator are well over, go figure. I went from the occasionally botting chap to now, 'ima steal all your damn money, botting 24/7, chap.'

    (more unintelligible)

    And so, I would like to the best ways to make the most out of RuneMate. Because, honestly, no botting site gives you the amount of shit and shenanigans that RuneMate has to offer. Unless your broke ass is botting 2 hours every 3 days with Tri-Shit-Bot. A couple of questions..

    • SOCK proxies. If your main is banned, and you want to keep Jagex off your ass, where to buy/how much do they sell for?
    • How to trade GP/items from one account to another, safely? (I cannot seem to bypass multiple connections error)
    • Should I be expecting to lose my main with the projected number of bans from these 'goldfarm accounts'
    Your wisdom(s) are appreciated.
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    Multiple connections error is solved by making random.dat (which jagex puts on your computer) read-only. You could stake your own accounts or something if they're similar levels (do put in same amount for the stake). Your main shouldn't be at risk for botting other accounts unless you go berserk.
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