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  1. I've recently made an alt account to pk Green Dragon bots. Yes it sounds lame but I actually enjoy it while killing some pkers I meet there too... So this could be a viable money making method since the script bot does not need to collect all hides and bones per dragon is killed. Just kill one and ta-da! Full inventory hides and bones.
    Now there are three types of bots I found so far (east part of wilderness, level 20-23):
    • The simplest bot uses only an abby whip or brackish blade or rune scim with an anti-dragon shield. These are the easiest to be killed and they normally only drop hides and bones, sometimes tuna and lobsters. They teleport away by running south-east then, using the home teleport spell. If they are attacked, they will run to the south-east as well, but only after about 10 seconds.

    • The somwhat more sophisticated bot uses protect from magic with an elder shortbow and mithril arrows. They seem to retaliate but run after about 5 seconds of being attack, to the south and breaking their teleport tab, teleing to either Varrock, Falador or Camelot. They carry prayer potions as well as teleport tabs but are a bit harder to kill.

    • The most defensive type will be the bots in rune platelegs, chainbody, rune scim, dragonfire shield and an addy full helm. These tend to run straight south when attacked and tele away with a ring of duelling. They seem to teleport to mobilising armies. Their script bot doesn't seem to be skulled-proof because when they get pked when skulled, they simply re-equip an addy helm and shield from the bank and can then be found punching a green dragon to death :p
    Some of these can also be found in Forinthry dungeon, where also higher-levelled bots reside.

    This might be irony itself, a bot killing bots. But I believe it can be a good way of making money ^^
  2. I think this a rather stupid idea. It undermines the integrity of the botting community. You will create enemies within the same group of botters. At this moment, we do not have such a bot yet (to kill green dragons), but if there might appear one in the near future, I can only see the worsening of this community happening.

    While you've had some good arguments, and a nice layout, I'd have to say no support. Of course there's many other people perhaps feeling quiet differently about this, and I will rest my case if that happens to be the majority.
  3. This is ofcourse to combat other bots since RM doesn't have a Green Dragon killer (yet).
  4. When we do get a GDK, this script bot could be problematic unless there is a blacklist kind of system implemented, where the player names of GDK users are stored on a server (as some sort of hash) and the GDK killer either defends or not attack those players. Could be easy enough to implement if both scripts bots are by the same person and they have a server to host the file, but otherwise it could be a pain
  5. This is exactly what i was thinking. It's the only way we could really allow this in my opinion. However it would probably direct a lot of hate toward us from green dragon bots on other sites.

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