RS3 A Mining bot that supports mining guild

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by spookzyy, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. hi, iv been using all of the mining bots, and i havent seen a location to mine at the mining guild, i know by far its the best way to get coal for f2p if 60+mining, how about adding this location in, with falador banking. cheers
  2. Give me a day.

    Also, nice first post.
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  3. oh great :D no problem! would be an awesome feature to add to mining bots
  4. Yeah great idea, we need a mining guild bot :D
  5. Does @Exia's miner not support this? Also OSRS or RS3?
  6. His miner Will soon support it.
  7. hi no it doesn't support the mining guild, and also places are buggy on that mining bot.
  8. Mr. Forum Expert,

    It is tagged in the title.
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  9. As @Supreme Leader said, he Will implement it in his F-5 miner. Hang on :p He is fast :D
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  10. I'm finished the Mining Guild banking with Falador East, now I'm going to make the bot be able to bank in the Resource Dungeon from the Mining Guild.
  11. Damn you really are fast
  12. I'll probably have it released in a couple of hours. If you are experiencing bugs with my script bot, please let me know so I can fix them. Not just for you, but for everyone else too.
  13. I finished mining guild and resource dungeon and pushed it. Just gotta wait for Cloud/Arbiter to push F-5 Miner v0.1.4
  14. wow this is great man, thanks let us know when its ready and able to use!
  15. F-5 miner now supports the mining guild, get it from the bot store.
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  16. when i load your bot up, it says " An unhandled error has occurred in f-5 miner. please consider providing the bot author with details on how to repoduce the error" any ideas?
  17. My fault, I pushed the fix, just gotta wait for an admin to push, I'll let you know when its done.
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    Alright, it works now.
  18. now we need one for oldschool :p
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