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  1. I am 25 years old and I am from UK. I don't really play runescape but I like playing it on an account with high levels if that makes sense?


    I also play on the xbox one.

    I like going to the gym and swimming.

    funniest moment in my life

    when I was in gamestation when it was called gamestation I saw a door and thought it was another part of the store with more games, until it was too late just realising it was mirrors on the door and the alarms went off as I opened the door.
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  2. No, that does not make sense.

  3. I understand him, he is exactly like me, i dont really play very much, i just bot 20+ hours a day, and jump on just for a couple hours instead of grinding shitty skills i can actually play the fun high level content!
  5. some people might like to play on a noob account, I like to play on an account thats got most 80's to 90's stats.

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