RS3 Acc progress 1 month

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by maymoney, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. 1 month of runemate nearly 24/7 botting

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  2. Nice. How did you do crafting?
  3. I want to know the herby method lol

    nice job
  4. Mostly gold bracelets ~ if going for profit

    and grimy kwuarm and lantadymes~ if going for profit
  5. That would take fuck ton of time
  6. think about 300-400 hours, can easily be done in a month 24/7
  7. tbh fishing is the slowest so far been at it for a good week and only 88, for 99 craft i made decorated cooking rns to 99 made a nice 150m profit, also made 100m profit from herb, cleaning herbs!

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