account for sale rs3

Discussion in 'General Market' started by ramos, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. been botted all the time + i got the divi pet :D offers ?

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  2. Get your stinking ass out of here. Not botted? Fam you're literally a bot account in the purest form.
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  3. happy fam ? my bad lol
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  4. Very good. :)
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  5. 5m rs3
  6. i can make it with that acc in 1 night lol so no thx
  7. 5m in 1 night...? Damn what shitty thing do you do LOL. You can make 5m/hr..
  8. teach me :'( i'm new to gold farming bro
  9. 15m and i take it bud
  10. we are bidding 4 it now ok
    ill put 20m
  11. Incase these noobs dont pull thru i'll do 10M
  12. 25m 100k rs3
  13. GG noble won
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  14. lol jk i resign my offer bidding is still up
  15. LOL

    Bidding 30m.

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