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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by cannavore, Jun 17, 2016.

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  1. I went to check on a bot I had run overnight this morning, only to see the authenticator screen.

    I had not set an authenticator, a pin, any of that stuff (this account is throw away but this is not the point). I went to go remove it and I found that the registered email has changed.

    I have only just started playing this game 2 weeks ago, haven't played since probably 2010 before that. This website is the only runescape site that I visit, and I am not one of those players that gets phished or anything like that.

    The only places I have entered my accounts login details on, are the official runescape website, and runemate.

    The account that I didn't bot on with runemate, was not touched (my main account). Seems very suspicious to me. I know I am going to get a bunch of responses saying that it must have been my fault I must have either used another bot program, got phished, or downloaded malware etc. Just know that is not true.

    I'm not upset that it happened, it was just a gold farming account, but between that and the constant bugs that I have been getting while using runemate, I don't believe I will be sticking around.
  2. This is quite the point. Why on earth would you think RuneMate has any interest in your throwaway account? It doesn't make sense. On top of that, RuneMate has no reason to risk the trustworthy position they're in over a single account. It damages reputation (which Arbiter knows very well how ugly it can turn out).

    I'll say this, and I'm 99% sure I'm right: It is your fault, RuneMate is not to blame, and you should think before posting something as absurd as this.
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  3. I knew i'd get responses like this. Why then would only the account entered in rune mate be the one taken? I have a main account with a cash value VERY high that was not touched, and is also unprotected by an authenticator.

    I have not visited any other sites related to runescape, I haven't even downloaded any programs besides this one in this time frame.

    I'd love to know how they could pull that info out of thin air, because it was ONLY used in 2 places, official runescape website, and rune mate.
  4. Setup authenticator for both RM and RS.
    Even though RM did NOT by any means steal your account, it would be impossible for anyone to do so with the authenticator.
  5. And I knew this was going to be posted. @Party - This one is for you.
  6. I am currently setting up an authenticator and will always do so going foward.

    I'm not necisarily even blaming runemate, I am just saying it is very suspicious because I honestly have not used anything else related to runescape.

    I am just not seeing how else it could have come to happen, seeing as it only happened to the account that had information in the runemate client.
  7. Yes it must be impossible that you did something wrong and instead a bot where the majority of its users are well satisfied, hacked your lousy throwaway account.

    The fact that you say you don't even have an authenticator set on your main account which you claim to have good wealth on, shows your security standards.
  9. I understand you being suspicious, but I can assure you it isn't Runemate.
    Your login info is encrypted end to end and no one here has any interest in a throwaway account.

    Admins here are anal about security and privacy.
  10. Why the fuck would we want to hack your account?
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    Neither Slash, Arbi, nor Cloud actually play the game (apart from Slash who only bots), and forum mods have access to roughly... ehh... zero.
  11. dude I just started playing this game again 2 weeks ago, I never claimed to have the best security standards, I only claimed that I am not stupid and I didn't get myself phished.

    What would you guys have me do in your position?

    If you know you didn't do anything that you are all claiming I did, and the only places you have entered your info on is here and the RS website.

    I know you guys don't want to even entertain the idea that I might be telling the truth, but I don't have anything to gain from this.

    It was a level 35 account with 82 woodcutting, everything else on there was shit and it was choping magic logs. It's not the end of the world for me. I just wanted to post on here to get peoples opinions. If you notice I just said it was suspicious in the first post, I didn't attack the program at all, but everyone is always so defensive on these sites.
  12. You literally could have looked at ANY other post saying "RuneMate hacked me!!11!1!!" to get your answer. We get defensive because it's literally just an opportunity to question our motives, which damages our reputation.
  13. Thanks for being the one person who is being respectful towards me on this thread.
  14. Ok to be serious now. What may have happened is someone has access (legitimate or not) to your runemate account. In this case, this person can log into the runemate client with your acccount which contains data of your rs accounts.
    However, even in this case it would be your fault because RuneMate offers not one, not two, but three different account protection mechanisms which you are free to activate.
  15. as a customer i give you permission to delete this thread. It gives nothing but scare mongering tactics if he is trolling.
  16. My post title is not "Runemate hacked me@@@@"

    It is account hijacked, which it was. I am only saying what my experience was, I am not making any claims either way. It's you guys making these connections for yourself.
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    Again though how would this happen, the only thing I can think of is a key logger, but where did I get this key logger and why is it only stealing my bot client login information, and not doing anything to other unrelated secured info?
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    of course I must be trolling if I have a negative experience using the software, right.
  17. Have I been pwned? Check if your email has been compromised in a data breach
  18. Oh you would be surprised how many ways there are to get your account data. One rather recent cause was some website had its database leaked. If you use the same password on every site (which too many users do nowadays), it is not hard to get your account data for other sites aswell.
    Or another example would be a user whose friend actually hacked him because he knew his account data.
  19. THANK YOU!

    This was the only thing you guys had to say, no need to be hostile and call me a troll.

    It turns out the email to the registered account I had got 'pwned' from Nexus Mods (old runescape bot website I believe) and

    No need to jump down my throat I was just looking for some answers, and I got them.
  20. Your e-mail probably got hacked doe.
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