Resolved Account Information Question, *on new update*

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Should we have to give our Runescape account info in order to run scripts.

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Hello guys,

    I just recently downloaded the mac version of runemate, happy that is is now supported! Thanks guys. Although it is asking me for my OSRS account log in information in order to run the bots. On the old version of runemate I did not have to give the client my log in information and could run any bot I wanted. I understand the benefits of having runemate log in for me but would prefer to just log in manually as I did before. Can someone let me know if it is possible to run bots without giving my log in information?

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    Post #2 by Savior, May 3, 2016
  3. Just give fake information...
  4. works fine now, thank you savior.....

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