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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by coolie, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, so i wanted to report this new bug that i found and that i the actionbar bug, bots such as HaxSpawner, HaxWaterfiends used to perfectly work for me since the last 2 days and now when i play it it just minimizes the action bar slot and then closes it. Nothing else, please fix this please, if its just me please tell me the solution.
  2. The current clients Actionbar works fine!, this must be a problem on the scriptters end.
    Also this was reported few days ago

    Report to the thread the bot is specified too
  3. its not the bot, it happens for each and every script bot which uses bank or action bar please help!
  4. It's a problem that only certain users have, and it's consistent across scripts bots.
  5. Send @Cloud or post here your gamepack ID. It will show up before the game loads and is inside parentheses when the screen says "Syncing with RuneMate Cloud (???)."
  6. He just told you. What he said will be shown in the client but the ??? will be replaced with numbers and letters. Those numbers and letters are your gamepack ID
  7. <cb607419> @Cloud please check this thread bruh
  8. im having exactly the same issue.
  9. Hey @Cloud please check this out and help us out quick :)
  10. Delete the runemate folder in c:\\users and see what happens then
  11. @PhaseCoder Ok im trying it out, will tell u if it worked
  12. runemate is stuck at downloading resources. jesus.... i shouldnt have done it.
  13. I got it the client loaded up, but actionbars , banks , presets,,, none of them still works @Cloud . waiting for you.
  15. Easy son, give the guys some time to work it out.
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  16. Well, this happened to me too now. :/

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