Request Adding Credit to the site to be removed?

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Change the add Credit option to...?

  1. Leave it the same, and laugh when people waste there money ;)

  2. Bring back premium bots so you can use your wallet (Alpha div... )

  3. Rewording on the site.

  4. Removal of the Wallet for time being

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  1. Dylan Turner

    Oct 19, 2015
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    To ...

    Every week i would see a couple people accidently add credit to the site while trying to purchase supporter for the site, but as supporter is more benificial now.. alot more people are upgrading and do the same.

    Reasons why it should be removed:
    • THERE ARE NO PREMIUM scripts bots TO USE THEM ON???!!!!
    • After the upgrade of the supporter rank, the wording on the adding credit page is very misleading looking like you are buying botting hours e.g "Perfect for the casual weekend botter. Hundreds of hours of botting for the price of a Big Mac." I would understand how you could think you are upgrading to a supporter.
    So a rewording of the adding credit page for the future when premium bots start becoming a thing, or remove it for the time being until there.

    Thanks @kazemanie for the $0.69 cents that i cant useee x ;)
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  2. Yuuki Asuna

    Aug 11, 2016
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    Just make it so that you can use the credits on supporter AND premium bots (if they do come out)..
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