AFK Range training(1def)

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  1. Hello,

    So I'm making a range pure currently F2P and I would like to know a good afk bot spot.
    A solution to this would be Flesh Crawlers, Moss Giants I can safe spot these but a bot doesn't know how to safe spot.
    So I need to find lower leveled monsters which won't kill me if I run out of food.
    Options: Chickens , Cows, Goblins, Problem with these is it's always packed with people and the chance of being reported is prety high.
    I'm currently at the dwarfs they give me about 19k XP/Hour this is more then Flesh/mossies but I have to eat on regular bases. So I wont be able to bot for 1-2+ hours without getting food..

    Do you have any suggestions where I can bot 2+ hours without the need of food?
    1/1/1 52Range 25Mage
  2. if you can get through the Biohazard quest you get access to the combat training camp north of West Ardougne and fight Ogres (lvl 56) that are in a cage. You can enter the cage to get drops but you do not have to. They can't hit you unless you are inside so you wont need food.
  3. Oh I know that spot! Problem is I'm not willing to invest into p2p at the moment
  4. Crap you're right. I forgot about members content as I've been playing Darkscape. Sorry :(
  5. Buy a bond.....
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    Other option is for you to go to the 2/3(not sure) floor of the wizards tower there is a caged lesser deamon there:)
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  6. A bond seems fair enough. Problem here I currently don't have the coins for a bond. :)

    Could try the lesser demon. Thanks for the help
  7. No problem (u can help me by liking my reply :p)
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  8. Deadly red spiders are aggressive, meaning you could properly afk those.
  9. but my 1 def wont survive it there

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