RS3 Agility Bot Please (Barb course)

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Shady Bliss, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. I have run both the bots that are on the store so far but i feel they will get you banned easy;

    1 of them has a weird camera movement that i cannot create myself, and pretty sure Jagex would spot that.

    The other one just sits idle if you fall off the slippery logs.

    So im after one that can run flawlessly for hours, as everyone knows agility is very boring :D Oh and it would be great if it supports food.
  2. need to support wilderness course as well please.
  3. Using alpha, I've ran it for 14+ hours, on 5 different occasions, just hit 25m agility exp. All through advanced barb assault?
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  4. osrs or rs3?

  5. That's really nice i guess. But i cant remember which one it was. But it would just idle every time it failed on the slippery log.
  6. I need an agility trainer for darkscape though... every client uses the minimap to navigate through the wilderness and it doesn't work since there is no minimap in the wilderness....

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