AHK to simulate WMK or touch screen (for RS3)

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    I had an idea of using the AutoHotKey software (AHK) to simulate a human using Windows Mouse Keys or physically touching their screen to click for RS3. Windows Mouse Keys is a legal way to keep clicking in the same spots over and over again by holding CTRL and then pressing the key to make the cursor teleport. I think this could only be viable for training skills at a bank/only involves inventory (Herblore, Fletching, Cooking in cooking guild, etc). If you randomize within a range the "sleeps" between each keystroke/tap (with a random offset for coordinates if using tap) I don't see an obvious way this would get flagged (if you kept interrupting the script bot with something done manually like a Farming run, dailies, logging out , etc)

    I'm paranoid about recording a ghost mouse even with random sleeps/offsets of click coordinates because the pattern the mouse moves would be the same every time unless you kept recording new scripts bots, which in that case you might as well not bot at all.

    I did have some questions in regards to this idea to see if maybe somebody has tried something similar:

    1. Is there any way Jagex could tell the difference between you physically clicking your mouse to create input vs a software generated click?

    2. Even though Jagex has explicitly said that the use of mouse keys is legal, since you will keep clicking in the exact same spots over and over again, would that flag you? (if it does, then you could random offset the click location by a small amount)

    3. I tried to test this already with AHK to see if it could work at all (cleaning Tarromin), and it only could if I had it record the windows activate feature, which I'm worried Jagex could detect. Can they detect this?

    I've been playing RS3 on the same account for almost 15 years without botting but I'm older now and really don't want to devote all my undivided attention to RS3 for skills that seem hard to train without undivided attention/botting (Hunter, dangerous Slayer tasks, Dungeoneering, Herblore if you want to make a profit/break even and buy ingredients). Any help is greatly appreciated

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