RS3 AIO Dragon Killing Bot?

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  1. This bot can be Support/Premium with the following features.

    Looting system
    Loot above x price.
    Loot only item names added.
    Loot charms Yes/No.
    Bonecrushing option/Bury bones on spot option.
    Herbicide option/Clean herbs on spot option.

    Potion support
    Normal and Super potion support.
    Use (1) instead of (2), use (2) instead of (3), use (3) instead of (4) etc. Always use the lowest potion instead of a fresh new one.

    Food system
    Use 1 kind of food, or add multiply foods to a list and it will eat both when one runs out etc.
    Use food dropped by dragons.
    Intelligent food eating system, dont overeat etc.

    Bank support
    Teleport support, Lobestone support.
    Multiple banking options.

    Location support
    Black Dragon = Taverly Dungeon & Evil Lair.
    Green Dragon = Forinthry Dungeon.
    Red Dragon = Brimheaven Dungeon.
    Blue Dragon = Ogre Enclave & Resource Dungeon.
    Frost Dragon = Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
    Bronze-, Iron- & Steel Dragon= Brimheaven Dungeon.
    Mithril Dragon = Ancient Caverns.
    -Maybe support brutal dragons?

    Intelligent/Advanced combat routine? (Maybe)
    Support all abilities, in the best order possible.
    Support Ultimate/weapon specials
    Change weapon for extra dmg (Swap whip out with DDP and poison target and swap back for extra dmg output etc)

    Humanized delayed clicks. Randomized clicks from 1sec-5sec. (random double) Meaning first time it clicks 1.2 sec, second time it clicks 3.5sec, third time 2.7sec etc.
    Different routes, just a bit different so its not exatly the same route.
    When teleporting, stay out of danger/safespot.
    Anti stuck (Logs out/Moves on minimap if getting stuck)
    Move camera angel.
    If death happens, run straigt to the location where it died and pick up/wield your items.

    Pretty looking paint ^^
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  2. You going to make it? :b Its a large project :)
    Could be fun and challenging ;)
  3. He's had one planned for a while. JBlueDragons is going to become JDragons someday, but it's in the very abstract future.
  4. Nice! I am just giving some suggestions so they can code some of these ideas into their own bots :)
    Also I think these features are quite unique, so they might be challenging to code :)
  5. is there anything that i can do to help ik how to script bot a little bit and i can help
  6. This is a very old post.

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