OSRS Al Kharid Smeltererererer request

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Taric, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. There was a request for this a few months ago, but it didn't receive any responses... SO I'LL MAKE ONE TOO. HUEHUEHUE.

    "How does the smelt?"
    I don't know, I ain't no rocket scientist.

    (But you'd probably have to...)
    Have the user choose what ore he/she wanted to smelt.
    Have the player start out in the Al Kharid Bank.
    Have the script bot withdraw the ore that the user is intending to smelt.
    Have the script bot walk the player to the Al Kharid Smelter.
    Have the script bot smelt the specified ore.
    Have the script bot walk the player back to the Al Kharid Bank.

    "So that's how I smelt... but what can I smelt!?!"
    Really? You aren't smart enough to use the googles!?! Uuuugh.

    Ores/Bars that can be smeltereded:
    Bronze - 1 tin/copper ore per bar.
    Iron - 1 iron ore per bar. (50% Chance of turning the iron ore into a bar.)
    Steel - 1 iron ore 2 coal per bar.
    Mithiril - 1 mithiril ore 4 coal per bar.
    Adamant - 1 adamant ore 6 coal per bar.
    Rune - 1 runite ore 8 coal per bar.
    Silver - 1 silver ore per bar.
    Gold - 1 gold ore per bar.
    Cannonballs - 1 steel bar per 4 cannonballs.

    "Then where does the coal bag fit in?"

    Stay Sexy
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  2. I can't even script bot but I still read all your posts.
  3. MaxiSmelter, HaxSmelter, and JSmither, they all support it.
  4. Actually, afaik they only support rs3.
  5. oh lol, didn't know that.
  6. <3
    How'd you get to be a part of the staff? O.O

    Did you know a guy who knew a guy? :p

    You should write one to make up for your assumption... OR JUST NAG AT ME TO LEARN TO JAVA. That would probably work as well XD
  7. Learn java bro ;) And i'll be adding osrs support at some point, just not sure when.
  8. Dafuq I thought I had OSRS support, brb adding it in.
  9. Though I do enjoy a bit of foreplay... Don't tease me, darling! :p
  10. Actually now I remember, I looked at it and decided it'd be better to write a more proper way instead of how I was planning to do it xD
  11. SUPER SUPPORT +11111111
    and cannonballs pleased :D
  12. Waiting for this to happen.
  13. Please senpai, ive been waiting for my whole life for dis.

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