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  1. These are the skills iv'e so far with this account, i created it 26 days ago, and all the skills have been botted, and no ban yet! :D

    but can any one recommend where to train att def and str?

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  2. The place you're at right now is pretty good to be honest. Could go NMZ if you want to imbue your rings.
  3. Top tip: Blocking out all but one skill and leaving the total level uncovered doesn't stop you working out the blocked out skill :p

    Other than that looks good! Honestly I'd recommend spending maybe a week getting quests done, then hitting up NMZ.
  4. haha :D iv'e done quests.. money madness and a few other ones.. also what are NMZ? iv'e all ways just trained here or on dragons lol :(
  5. Plenty of guides on it - some of the best AFK xp/hr.
  6. Google NMZ guide. You should definitely do NMZ soon
  7. what are you using for combat training?
  8. Bruh! You should use snipping tool (if you have) for screenshots.

    Also, you could go autofighter whilst training slayer and combat at the same time.
  9. snipping tool? i ain't trying to make my picture look pretty lol... was just showing people my stats so someone could guild me where to train for the best xp lol
  10. just get gyazo or some sort of program, it makes life easier
  11. OneNote's built in snipping tool is incredibly handy if you don't want to be uploading your images, RuneMate allows you to just straight up paste. Other than that I use, although it seems to be pretty slow lately so might move back to gyazo.


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