Allahu Akbar Easter Ring

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What do you think about that?

  1. That's just plain stupid

  2. The Prophet will be happy

  3. Allahu Snackbar

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  1. Botting on my account which has an Easter Ring.

    Plain stupid or the prophet will be happy?

    Infidels should not reply to this thread.
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  2. When Jagex comes to check, change into an easter egg so they can't find and ban you.
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  3. Yeah they surely won't ban a (Botting) easter egg! :D
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  4. I think this trick only works during Easter.
  5. Seems like my account has been disabled. Expiration date: N/A.
    Now I'm waiting for the 72 translucent & hair free virgins.

    Am I a potato?
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  6. Because they're afraid it might blow up.
  7. Nah they're afraid that the easter bunny will come and rape them for banning his eggs.
  8. Allahu Snackbar, man I just howled reading this.
  9. aloha snackbar

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