Alpha Abyss Runecrafter 1.00

RC bot with goldfarmer-grade stability

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    Alpha Abyss Runecrafter - RC bot with goldfarmer-grade stability

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  2. The bot keeps withdrawing preset 2, geting a glory out, withdrawing preset 1, then preset 2 again and repeat over and over again
  3. That's because I pushed a version with only familiar support.
  4. I do use a familiar. Im using an abyssal titan.
  5. Your familiar inventory should be on preset 2.
  6. Wouldnt that just make banking a longer process, than just having familiar inventory setu pon preset 1 too?
  7. I didn't look at the preset settings and thought you couldn't include the BoB inventory as well. The bot has been updated to only use one preset, which should reduce trip time by 5 seconds.
  8. Thanks! :)
  9. Also filling the pouches via bank interface is a bit slow
  10. Made faster in the next release, should save 10 seconds per run.
  11. Rlly nice script bot. If it wont fail, I will upload a proggy at morning. Runing with abby titan cosmic runes ^^
  12. Update pushed:

    Support for the ability "Surge" has been added.
    Some optimizations to camera movement were made.
    Some optimizations have been made to improve performance in environments where game performance is poor, like on VPSes.

    Results of the updates made today:

    The time per run has decreased from ~1.35 minutes per run to 1.25 minutes per run on my main computer. (4 pouches, glory, forinthry brace, summoning, all obstacles)
  13. Bug found: I found my acc trying to reclaim small pouch for like 6 hours from dark mage. And ofc it was in my bank.

    Idk how its happened. Another acc fucked up at bank, staying there...
  14. Which version of the bot did that error happen on? I pushed an update that should have fixed that particular issue today, along with another issue where the bot would idle and do nothing if it ran out of glories.
  15. Going to test this out tonight :D
  16. when trying to go across the edge wall, it has trouble pressing surge on the action bar afterwards. It right clicks surge and just presses cancel like three or four times till it finally hits activate. It also has trouble pressing the glory to teleport back.
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    It runs 50 percent better using the old school preset.
    The only bug I see in this entire bot is the wall jumping. It sometimes jumps back over the wall and surges towards the bank.
  17. Used it like 20 hours ago. Btw I didnt used glories.

    I will check today and give some feedback
  18. The actionbar slots that surge/freedom/glory are on need to be bound to a key.
    I've never experienced a problem with wall jumping, even on a laggy vps. The bot also only uses surge if it's in the wilderness.
  19. Well I ran it for 5 hours today and it noticed it at the end click teleport to karajama on the glory and thats when I stopped it. The wall jumping still happens, but it also likes to jump over the wall, click one space to the left or right of the player and then surge sideways instead of out in the wild.

    I have everything set up correctly, using bracelets and glories. Actionbar has keybinds as well.
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    I got 65k xp/h doing cosmics, pretty decent.
  20. Great script bot, working flawlessly for several hours now using all pouches and an abyssal lurker. Only problem is that since you use the preset banking, it only uses a glory once before replacing it with another, leaving many amulets of glory with 3 charges unused in the bank. this wouldn't be a problem if we could sell the glory with 3 charges but we can't. so every time i run out of glorys with 4 charges i need to reconfig my preset to one of the glory with 3 charges. same goes for forinthry braces. otherwise perfect, thanks so much!

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