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  1. Hello everyone, I've decided to start releasing information about Alpha Agility v2, as it's coming close to completion and is in a functional state.
    Some background info:
    Recently I decided to rewrite some of my bots to become more efficient, more reliable and more powerful. This also meant that I'd have to rewrite the Alpha API, as a lot of the changes I wanted to make were at the API level, and starting from scratch would make it easier to implement these changes.

    Main Changes:
    • Map-wide navigation: The ability to walk to the course from anywhere on the map. This feature is still in development, however when it's done it will open the gates for more features such as course progression, banking and death-walking.
    • Goal based tasks/activities: This allows the user to specify the level or amount of time they want to stop at. I've done something similar previously in other bots (Alpha Herblore, Alpha Summoning) and decided that it would be a feature worth adding to Alpha Agility. This feature heavily relies on map-wide navigation to be successful.
    • On the fly settings changing: The ability to change settings during execution is something that I believe should be in every bot. The main issue is it's easy to code for if you plan it from the beginning, but adding it in after can be quite the hassle. This rewrite proved to be a good chance for me to add this functionality.
    • New UI: When rewriting the Alpha API, I decided that a single, centralized UI is better than multiple UIs. As such, I decided that a single JavaFX UI was the right choice and would be more lightweight and easy to use compared to a similar Paint alternative.
    • Data collection: When I first wrote Hax Agility, I only gathered the data I thought I needed. When I rewrote it to become Alpha Agility, I made sure I had more data than I needed, but chose an inefficient way of representing that data. With this rewrite I decided to keep only the data that I need at the moment, and store it in a more efficient structure.
    • Break Handler: One of the features of the rewritten API is a Break Handler. It's currently fully functional and working well, but still needs to be tweaked and integrated with PlayerSense.
    • Explicit Anti-Pattern: Another feature will be explicit anti-pattern that will kick in at random intervals. The framework for this is already finished, as well as a couple of anti-pattern tasks.

    The UI

    If you guys have any ideas, input, or feedback, feel free to leave them below :D

    Update: 14/01/2016
    Implemented Profile loading/saving. Finally putting my JSON parser to good use :D
    Stopped removing Tasks when finished, I plan to grey out or otherwise visually communicate that they are finished in the future.

    Update: 04/02/2016
    Added newer UI picture.
    Stress testing for RS3 is done. I'll be mainly working on the OSRS side of things for the next week or 2.
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  2. Psh copy cat. Releasing info after i do. Lel. Good stuff, looks promising. I think i'm gonna have to kill you in order to eliminate the competition ;)
  3. I've been contemplating releasing info for a while now xD but I didn't wanna go getting additional feature requests until I finished the core, which is now finished and working nicely :D

    If you kill me, then who's gonna play CSGO with you?
  4. Cyka blyatt invited you to play a game of Counter Strike: Russian Offensive with you.
  5. Maybe in Europe, but over here in Australia it's more like Cunter Stroke: Bogan Offensive
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 21, 2016, Original Post Date: Jan 13, 2016 ---
    Experience improvements.
    Alpha Agility v1.7.0 @ Barbarian Outpost: 13k/hr
    Alpha Agility v2.0.0 @ Barbarian Outpost: 15.5k/hr
    ~20% improvement.
    Based on a 20 minute test at around level 55-60 Agility on DarkScape.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 21, 2016 ---
    Updated UI preview. It still needs some more styling done and adding an AntiPattern pane :p
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  6. good luck with this, if need tester or something i can help you
  7. Is this nearly done?
  8. [​IMG]
    Wildy course :p
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  9. Awesome! Will this one have talent scout interaction?
  10. Wow! Looks sexy af GJ Slash :)

    99 Agility is one of the many 99's i still need, hopefully this bot will achieve that for me, someday.
  11. wow this sounds amazing!!!!
  12. Does this work right now on Runemate Spectre?
  13. Yeah, it's on the store as "Alpha Agility (Beta)"
  14. Very nice script bot so far seems to run Heffin course fine on RS3. However it doesn't currently use the light creature shortcuts. Any possibility of adding support for them?
  15. Probably not until I get access to the Heffin course xD
  16. Ah I see xD Well if you do have time and/or interested in updating the bot send me a PM and I may be able to lend an account temp with Heffin access.
  17. Any chance of adding alch between obstacles?
  18. Maybe after exams.
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  19. can u add yanille trellis support? really helps you get to 35 agility quickly
  20. Nice looking UI :O

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