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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by SlashnHax, Oct 22, 2015.

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  2. it oftenmisses the loot command and i only get one loot per knockout, but its much faster than pickpocketing volunteerrs.
  3. Hmmm, not sure if I can do much to fix that :/

    I'm getting 2 loots per k-o atm, but it does occasionally miss for me, so I'm getting around 95k exp/hr at lvl 80
  4. Getting so many misclicks that sucks pretty hard.
  5. Nothing I can do about that :/ I was running my mouse multiplier at 3.

    Clearing your bio files might reduce the misclicks
  6. Setting mouse multiplier did the trick it now gets about 2 K.O.
  7. Mouse multiplier at 3.

    Was getting around 80K~ earlier though.

  8. I'll give it some more tweaks today to try to hit the 3KO mark
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  9. Prepare to flip table.
  10. I'll probably just add more prediction and shit to it, seems like @Cloud has capped the mouse multi at 3 as I didn't notice a difference between 3, 6 and 10 xD
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    Yeah, I don't think I'll be getting a consistent 3 loots any time soon xD
  11. you can get 3 loots if you have the bot loot as your character animation is rising back up from the first loot. you loot without an animation for the second.
  12. Aight, thank's for the info. I've managed to tweak it to: 1=30, 2=170, 3=70, getting me 128k exp/hr, but hopefully with this info I can get it even better.
    I have access to the animations, but not the current frame, as it seems to always return -1 :/

    @Cloud, is there any way to get the current animation frame for RS3?
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    It's getting more 3 loots now, but it's still mainly getting 2 per ko :/
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  13. Not sure if i am doing anything wrong but at 56 thieving im getting 1 loot per ko and 20k an hour,,,
  14. mouse multiplier 3? you can change it in runemate settings
  15. I dont see it?

    Edit: NVM got it ty
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    Mouse Rating at 3 still getting about 1 loot per ko and 30k xp/h
  16. What's the issue, misclicks, slow mouse movements?

    Try clearing the .bio files in your RuneMate folder (in %userprofile%/RuneMate) and doing it legit for a while so it can create new bio files.
  17. Its mostly misclicks and i might try that
  18. its misclicking alot
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