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    Alpha Buddy - Making RS3 that little bit easier!

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  2. What does it do??
  3. i am also wondering this :D
  4. i guess it's farmin related
  5. i did see something related to farming :p
  6. maybe like timer for plant to grow and shit while you are playing??
  7. I think Jagex are going to implement this.
  8. Yeh, i heard it was a suggestion :) it would be nice =) also if they could link the timer to the runescape companion app
  9. It's kind of a helper bot, doesn't do anything, but it has info on stuff such as slayer task, amount left, items on the ground and their worth, farming related information etc.
    I plan to add more stuff like information on what you're attacking and what's attacking you and some other stuff
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    I reworked the farming tab into something that isn't so huge xD
  10. How about a helper for pking?:eek:
  11. The items on the ground, thanks man! Will test it.
  12. you could make a lot of money off this script bot. a "rs3 buddy" client is a highly wanted thing. the people who made this should try get this out there, and evern consider independent development and creating their own website, with a cost for this.
  13. I just have to find the time to be able to have a serious go at it xD
  14. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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