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    Alpha Crafter - Create anything anywhere!

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  2. Really wanted to use this for dxp, to get 99 crafting, but its not working for me, It will craft 2 items then click the furnice again and craft two more, and it keeps doing that over and over.

  3. Working on a fix as I type. Should be out within an hour.
  4. Sweet, cant wait to use it! :D
  5. Any chances for you could add Bow strings to the script bot? That would be AWESOME ;)
  6. I might consider it; but I feel that that kind of functionality belongs more in a moneymaking script bot.
  7. Ahh okay, but it would still be nice if that could be added into the script bot ;)
    But it's up to you ofc! :D
  8. We really could use flax script bot. There isn't any for RS3. If you would add it, then it would be amazing!
  9. Picking flax != Crafting. I may create a separate script bot for this sometime further along the line.
  10. I mean for spinning it into bowstring.
  11. @Eagles13 Would it be possible to add silver tiara support? If so, that would be awesome.

  12. Sure, I'll do that at somepoint soon.
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  13. Keep getting;

    java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot get an instance value from a null instance
    at bot.Execution.delayUntil(xhb:96)
    at bot.Execution.delayUntil(xhb:239)
    at bot.Execution.delayUntil(xhb:85)
    at bot.Execution.delayUntil(xhb:2)
    at a.Ym.byte(yqb:165)
    at a.Ym.accepts(yqb:17)
    at a.vl.byte(sqb:207)
    at a.vl.byte(sqb:152)
    at a.vl.move(sqb:75)
    at a.Hn.interact(pqb:21)
    at a.TM.interact(rrb:228)
    at jcrafter.tasks.DoNormalBank.execute(
    at shared.TaskHandler.tick(
    at jcrafter.Crafter.onLoop(
    at bot.framework.AbstractScript.start(plb:197)
    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot get an instance value from a null instance
    at a.vI.byte(xcb:652)
    at a.ML.hasNext(wrb:124)
    at a.AM.byte(bwb:91)
    at a.AL.byte(yqb:248)
    at bot.Execution.delayUntil(xhb:163)
    ... 20 more
  14. I selected Dragonstone Jewelry and it tries to make for example "Dragonstone necklace"' however, items in this category are called simply Dragon items, aka "Dragon necklace". Some bank presets would be very awesome and ease banking too.
  15. Just fixed Dragonstone bug. Hopefully Arbi or someone will push soon.
  16. It's only displaying one crafting option for each now.
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