Alpha Portables 1.0

Leech off other people's portables for mad exp

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    Alpha Portables - Leech off other people's portables for mad exp

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  2. doesn't twerk
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  3. Second this, cstart instance just stands there :(
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    still stands there :( n interface etc
  4. Don't know if @Aria is going to fix this or not :/
  5. it's working now just dont know how to set it up lol cant figure out to make it hit the smelt option
  6. Configure it to make the right left click option smelt
  7. this ? Gyazo - e3b1ce5c9afd64a7ba000bd181117fde.png
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    script bot runs everything fine but cant comolete the final smelt action to create the bars, tried several times and followed your setup guide. Thought i would inform you
  8. You misspelled Smelt
  9. Yeah i realised haha. All working now almost gone from 70-80 smith
  10. It dosn't find the bank chest in CA
    Also, when it opens the bank it says "Out of Portables" even if : Dont setup portables, is crossed.
  11. Hmm, try Burthorpe. I tested the bot at CA, but that was a couple months ago. I'll be able to further fine-tune my bots next week once my internet problems are resolved.
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  12. Cant find Portable range but bank is another thing.
    Opens bank all the time :D
  13. It might be spelled "Portable Range", names are case-sensitive.
  14. Hi dude. Thanks for this bot, it's really useful. I bought supporter just for it. I have a suggestion though, can you add in the function to log out if you have no more hides to tan? Or maybe add an option to tan secondary hides when you run out of the primary one.
  15. Thanks for the bot. I just have one suggestion: could you increase the banking speed? When using the portables at the GE (for bonfires) it seems to wait for approximately 10 seconds before finally clicking the bank.
  16. was just wondering if you could add an option to idle for x amount of time when portable runs out?
  17. Various bugfixes have been pushed.
  18. Sometimes, during cooking, it closes down the action interface (the one where you can see that you are still busy cooking). This causes it to stop cooking. Would it be possible to fix this? (and to speed up the operations with respect to banking)?
  19. Little Tricky to set-up, but works well and this is officially my favorite :) TY
  20. The bot doesn't press the 'Smelt' button after entering the smelt menu, any idea how to fix it?

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