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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by SlashnHax, Dec 22, 2014.

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  2. F*ck yeah!!1
  3. Feedback
    eating food is messy
    the speed of cursor is toooooo slow like in hax agility,
    the walk from bank to vortex is improoved
  4. The speed gets modeled from the speed you use when you play. Play in game more for it to more accurately model your speed.
  5. is it possible to disable this thing?
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  6. So if I play some time legit through RuneMate client, the clients mouse speed while botting will be quicker probably?
    That's awesome lol.
  7. Your magic script bot starts instead of the waterfiends script bot.. is this something to do with the SDN?
  8. So that's why my mouse speed was way to fast lol.
    It clicked so fast and so accurate it was impossible for a human. Damn I must be an alien xD
    It's good now though can't be better :)
  9. Has anyone actually used this script bot and can confirm it works properly?
  10. True, yeah it's something to do with the SDN as far as I'm aware.

    Confirmed that it actually loads the entire Magic script bot, not just the GUI.
  11. I've adjusted the bot store and hopefully after you push a new update it will result in the script bot working properly again. Please let me know how it reacts after the update.
  12. looks good might try use it this week
  13. Please read what I posted above.

    Edit: Hax just updated so it should now be working correctly.
  14. Confirmed for working correctly.
  15. I guess you'll soon make a banking method for the waterfiends bot.
  16. It banks, but it only uses the one method. Later on I may add more methods though
  17. It banks? Could you tell me what it does and how the banking system works?
  18. Rides the old log from the cavern to the ottom of the waerfall, then walks back up to the barb outpost bank and banks there
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